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Introduction: We are the city’s premier online hub for everything vibrant and happening. From the latest in entertainment and local news, tempting foodie finds in restaurants and bars, to a curated list of the city’s best activities and events – we’ve got San Diego covered. Whether you’re looking for the weekend’s best farmers markets, eager to explore the newest dining spots, or searching for the next big concert or convention, “ITS SO SAN DIEGO” is your essential guide.


Embarking on its digital journey in April 2023, “ITS SO SAN DIEGO” rapidly became a staple for San Diegans of all ages. We realized the city needed a cohesive platform that not only highlighted the pulse of its entertainment world but also kept residents and visitors alike informed about everything from intimate local seminars to grand conventions.

Our distinct segments – news, dining, things to do, and events – are meticulously crafted to cater to diverse interests. Whether it’s a deep dive into the city’s gastronomic scene, a heads-up on upcoming fundraisers, or training opportunities for the professionally inclined, our mission has always been clear: to ensure San Diego’s vibrant heartbeat is just a click away for all.


Audience Profile:

At “ITS SO SAN DIEGO”, our audience is as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. Our platform is designed to resonate with San Diegans from all walks of life:

  • Young Enthusiasts (Ages 15-24): Digital natives seeking the latest buzz in entertainment, music, and local events. They engage with us for fresh updates, trending stories, and to be in-the-know.
  • Professionals (Ages 25-50): Individuals looking to stay connected with San Diego’s cultural scene. They rely on our platform for comprehensive event listings, reviews, and feature pieces that fit into their busy lifestyles.
  • Mature San Diegans (51 and above): Long-time residents with a deep love for the city, who want to stay updated with its evolving entertainment landscape. They appreciate our in-depth articles, profiles, and retrospectives.

Across all age brackets, our audience shares a common bond: a genuine love for San Diego and its vibrant entertainment scene. With a finger on the city’s pulse, “ITS SO SAN DIEGO” serves as a unifying platform that caters to everyone, from teens attending their first concert to seasoned theater-goers enjoying yet another splendid performance.

Monthly Statistics:

  • Visitors: XX,XXX
  • Pageviews: XX,XXX
  • Average Time Spent: XX minutes

Demographic Insights:

  • Age: XX% (20-30), XX% (31-40), XX% (41-50)
  • Gender: XX% Female, XX% Male
  • Location: XX% San Diego, XX% Other California, XX% Other U.S.


Standard Ad Placements:

  1. Banner Ad
    • Size: 728×90 pixels (Leaderboard)
    • Location: Top of the webpage, site-wide
    • Price: $100 per week / $350 per month
  2. Rectangle Ad
    • Size: 300×250 pixels (Medium Rectangle)
    • Location: Sidebar on articles & listings
    • Price: $75 per week / $250 per month
  3. Skyscraper Ad
    • Size: 160×600 pixels (Wide Skyscraper)
    • Location: Sidebars, especially on the homepage & events page
    • Price: $85 per week / $290 per month
  4. Sponsored Posts
    • Content: Written in collaboration with our editorial team, up to 1000 words.
    • Benefits: Featured placement on homepage for one week.
    • Price: $250 per article

Special Introductory Packages:

  1. Starter Package:
    • 1 Banner Ad (2 weeks)
    • 1 Sponsored Post
    • Price: $320 (Saving of $30)
  2. Engagement Package:
    • 1 Rectangle Ad (1 month)
    • 2 Sponsored Posts
    • Price: $540 (Saving of $60)
  3. San Diego Spotlight Package:
    • 1 of each standard ad placements for 2 weeks (Banner, Rectangle, Skyscraper)
    • 1 Sponsored Post
    • Social media shoutout
    • Price: $600 (Saving of $80)

Technical Specifications:

  • Banner/Rectangle/Skyscraper Ads: File Types: JPG, PNG, GIF. Max File Size: 100 KB.
  • Sponsored Posts: Word Limit: 1000 words. Images: Up to 5, resolution 1200×800 pixels.

For custom packages or extended durations, please contact our advertising team for tailored solutions.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Why Sponsor With Us? “ITS SO SAN DIEGO” is more than just a digital platform; it’s a growing community and a reflection of the city’s vibrant pulse. Sponsoring with us is an opportunity for brands to align themselves with San Diego’s heartbeats and narratives, ensuring meaningful visibility and deep audience engagement.

1. Featured Section Sponsorship: Become the exclusive sponsor for our popular sections, be it entertainment news, foodie finds, or our events page. Your brand will be prominently featured as the “Presented By” entity.

2. Event Calendar Sponsorship: As the go-to place for San Diego’s events, from concerts and conventions to seminars and fundraisers, sponsor our calendar to be front and center for everyone marking their diaries.

3. Weekly Newsletter Sponsorship: Our newsletter, which curates the best of the week, reaches our most engaged users. As a sponsor, your brand will be featured prominently in every edition for the duration of your sponsorship.

4. Video Series Sponsorship: We produce regular video content that captures San Diego’s essence. Sponsor this content and enjoy visibility not just on our platform but also on our social media channels.

5. Special Features or Interviews: Every month, we spotlight specific themes or individuals making waves in San Diego. As a sponsor, your brand can be aligned with these special features.

6. Giveaways and Contest Sponsorship: Engage the community in a meaningful way by sponsoring special giveaways or contests. Besides visibility, it offers brands a direct way to engage with our audience.

Seasonal & Custom Sponsorships: From festive features to seasonal spotlights, we offer unique sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. Additionally, we are open to crafting bespoke sponsorship packages tailored to your brand’s needs and objectives.

For detailed sponsorship packages, terms, and discussions, please reach out to our sponsorship team.

Collaboration Opportunities:

Why Collaborate With Us? “ITS SO SAN DIEGO” isn’t just a news platform; it’s a community. Collaborating with us means more than just getting your name out there. It means becoming a part of San Diego’s narrative, engaging with the city’s dynamic audience, and creating lasting impressions.

1. Content Partnerships: Partner with our editorial team to create co-branded content. Whether it’s a series of articles, a month-long spotlight on a specific theme, or interactive multimedia stories, let’s merge our visions to create content that captivates.

2. Event Collaborations: Looking to amplify your event’s reach? Let’s co-host! Be it concerts, seminars, fundraisers, or conventions, we can offer promotional content, ticket giveaways, live coverage, and more.

3. Giveaways and Contests: Engage the community with exciting giveaways or contests. This not only increases visibility but also provides an interactive way for the audience to connect with your brand.

4. Expert Columns or Guest Posts: If you’re a local expert in fields that resonate with our audience, like food, entertainment, or San Diego’s lifestyle, we’d love to feature your insights on a regular basis.

5. Social Media Takeovers: Harness the power of our social channels for a day or week. Share behind-the-scenes looks, offer special deals, or simply engage with our audience in real-time.

6. Video Collaborations: Integrate your brand or message into our video content, or let’s co-produce video features, interviews, or tutorials that resonate with both our audiences.

Custom Collaborations: Got a unique idea that doesn’t fit into the above categories? We’re all ears! Our team is always excited to brainstorm and come up with bespoke collaboration strategies that align with mutual goals.

For collaboration inquiries and detailed proposals, please connect with our partnerships team.


  • Banner Ads: Dimensions: XXXxXXX pixels, File Types: JPG, PNG, GIF, Max File Size: XX MB
  • Video Spots: Length: XX seconds, File Types: MP4, AVI, Max File Size: XX MB
  • Sponsored Posts: Word Limit: XXX words, Image Specifications: XXXxXXX pixels


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We promise we’ll never spam! Take a look at our Privacy Policy for more info.