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Its So San Diego. Everything You Need To Know About San Diego

Founded in April 2023, “ITS SO SAN DIEGO” is an online platform dedicated to showcasing the very essence of San Diego. Our focus encompasses a wide spectrum, highlighting Travel, Artists, Events, Shopping, Business, Entertainment, Food, Health, Lifestyles, and Things To Do.

At our core, we’re driven by discovery. The allure of what’s around the next corner, the anticipation of unearthing a hidden gem or acknowledging a local talent – that’s what we represent. Our mission is to offer a curated platform, sharing these dynamic finds and telling our brand’s story through the diverse tales and experiences we encounter.

Building genuine relations and ensuring authenticity in our content is paramount. This commitment is reflected in our approach to storytelling, predominantly through the perspectives of our fellow San Diegans. Whether it’s public relations, media engagements, or interactive events, our objective is to foster trust, listen actively, and ensure that the voices of our community are both heard and celebrated.

Our dedication to this vision is helmed by our Publisher & Editor, Kevin Murphy, supported by a team passionate about bringing San Diego’s vibrant narrative to the forefront.

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