The Housing Crisis at San Diego State University: A Call for Change

The Housing Crisis at San Diego State University: A Call for Change - ItsSoSanDiego

By ItsSoSanDiego April 19, 2024

San Diego State University (SDSU) has witnessed a surge in first-year enrollment since the construction of its newest dorm building in 2019. However, this influx of students has not been met with adequate on-campus housing solutions. Instead, SDSU has opted for increasing room capacities and prices while prioritizing off-campus luxury apartments for upperclassmen. This has left many students, particularly freshmen and sophomores, struggling to find affordable and suitable living arrangements.

The Sophomore Success Program and Housing Dilemma:
Coinciding with the rise in first-year enrollment, SDSU implemented the Sophomore Success program, mandating second-year students to live on campus. While this initiative aims to foster student engagement and success, it exacerbates the housing dilemma by further straining the already limited on-campus accommodations.

Off-Campus Luxury vs. On-Campus Accessibility:
Recent housing construction projects affiliated with SDSU have primarily focused on off-campus luxury apartments, leaving on-campus housing options inadequate and overpriced. The College View Apartments, located conveniently close to campus, tout themselves as “first-class living options,” yet their rental prices far exceed the city’s median rent, making them unaffordable for many students.

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Financial Burden of On-Campus Housing:
For students who opt for on-campus housing, the financial burden is substantial. The conversion of double-occupancy rooms into triples has become a common practice, aiming to provide a more affordable option. However, the cost of a triple dorm at SDSU for the 2024-2025 academic year remains high, averaging around $1,600 per month, while offering limited living space and amenities.

Quality of On-Campus Housing:
The quality of on-campus housing at SDSU is also a concern. Older dorms like Maya and Olmeca suffer from maintenance issues such as chipping paint and broken heaters, creating an unpleasant living environment for students like Daniela Balmaceda, who work part-time to afford their education.

Student Experiences and Challenges:
Many students find themselves Many students find themselves in cramped living quarters, sharing small rooms with strangers. The lack of space and privacy can negatively impact students’ academic and personal well-being, highlighting the urgent need for better housing options at SDSU.

Proposed Solutions:
SDSU must prioritize the construction of additional on-campus dormitories to accommodate the growing student population and alleviate the housing crisis. These new facilities should be affordable, spacious, and equipped with modern amenities to ensure students’ comfort and well-being. Additionally, SDSU should invest in renovating and maintaining existing dorms to provide a safe and conducive living environment for all students. This story originated by The Daily Aztec with contibutions by Calista Stocker on April 11, 2024

Author: itssosandiego

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