San Diego County Sheriff’s Department: Don’t Fumble on Super Bowl Sunday, Drive Safe!

🏈🚔 Public Announcement: Keeping Roads Safe this Super Bowl Sunday! 🚔🏈

Attention San Diego County Residents!

This Super Bowl Sunday, the Deputies with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department are committed to ensuring roadways remain safe for everyone. In line with this commitment, they will be implementing increased patrols to specifically target impaired driving.

When: Starting on Sunday, February 11 from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. the following day.

In 2023, San Diego County saw a concerning number of impaired driving incidents, with a total of 6,671 arrests made across various law enforcement agencies. The Sheriff’s Department alone accounted for 1,090 of these arrests. During last year’s Super Bowl Sunday, 33 individuals were arrested countywide for impaired driving, with three of those arrests credited to our diligent Sheriff’s Deputies.

To ensure everyone’s safety during this year’s festivities, here are some essential tips from the Sheriff’s Department:

🔹 Plan Ahead: Designate a sober driver or arrange for alternative transportation before the game begins.
🔹 Leave Your Keys: If you plan on drinking, don’t drive. Leave your car keys at home and arrange for a sober ride.
🔹 Utilize Safe Transportation: Whether it’s a taxi, a ridesharing service, a sober friend or family member, or public transportation, there are plenty of safe alternatives to driving impaired.
🔹 Enjoy Alcohol Alternatives: Consider offering non-alcoholic beverages as part of your Super Bowl spread. There are plenty of delicious mocktails and alcohol-free options available for everyone to enjoy.
🔹 Designate Drivers: If you’re attending a Super Bowl party where alcohol will be served, consider volunteering to be the designated driver. Your efforts can help ensure everyone gets home safely.

And remember, impairment isn’t just limited to alcohol. Prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and marijuana can also impair judgment, especially when combined with alcohol or other substances.

Let’s work together to ensure a safe and enjoyable Super Bowl Sunday for everyone! Your choices matter, so please plan ahead and make responsible decisions.

Stay safe, San Diego!

Author: itssosandiego

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